History of Robertson Motorsports

Robertson Motorsports, LLC is more than just a race team.  It is a family whose racing heritage goes back three generations.  The legacy began with Gerald Robertson, who raced at Winston-Salem’s historic Bowman Gray Stadium for more than 30 years.

Gerald’s oldest son, Mike followed in his father’s footsteps at the age of 26.  He quickly rose through the ranks to become a 36 time winner in both the Stadium Stock and Sportsman Divisions at Bowman Gray Stadium.  Mike was also awarded the Sportsmanship of the year award in 1991 and 1995.

Mike’s younger brother, Bryant, joined the ranks at the age of 23, when he started racing Mini-Stock cars before moving up to Street Stock Division at Bowman Gray Stadium.  Bryant now competes in the Sportsman Division at the famed quarter-mile in Winston-Salem, NC, where he continues to excel in the sport.

Continuing this family’s legacy in stock car racing, Mike’s oldest son Ryan began his career only four weeks after obtaining his driver’s license in 2002.  He has gained experience throughout the Southeast over the last nine years by competing in the ASA, UARA Stars, Sportsman and Late Model division.

Now the owner of Robertson Motorsports, LLC, Mike has scaled back his racing career to help his son,  Ryan achieve his dream of being the first member of this racing family to move into the big leagues of stock car racing.  Fueled by the passion and talent of this family legacy, Ryan is sure to make it far in this sport.

With Ryan’s youngest brother, Chase starting to show interest in starting his racing career at the young age of five years old, it looks like this family legacy will be around for a long time.  “We don’t know how to do anything else,” said Mike.  “We can’t golf and we can’t play tennis. This is what we do and at family gatherings, this is what we talk about.”